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Service, Quality & Safety


About CPM Construction



CPM Construction is a General Contracting and Construction Management firm located in Kitchener, Ontario. 


Our founding came about from working on our own projects and seeing an opportunity to assist others with theirs. We bring a diverse background of experience in the fields of both construction and customer service in working with our clients.



Our Values



Our Customer Service philosophy reflects our appreciation and respect for our clients’ needs, our commitment to excellent communication, and our promise of accountability. This philosophy extends to any project we’re involved with, regardless of size. Each project is unique and each project is meaningful and important to our clients. We’re committed to bringing to a personalized and attentive approach to everything we’re involved with. This approach extends from the client themselves, to all the consultants involved on a project.



Our commitment to quality is evident through each stage of the construction process. Our careful attention to detail and exemplary commitment to skillful work distinguishes our projects. We believe quality can be felt; it’s tangible. Quality doesn’t refer to only the finished physical project, but also to our communication and collaboration with all stakeholders throughout. 



Safety encompasses all aspects of our projects, from the safety of our team and our trades-people, to the safety of our clients and their property. We strive to make sure that our projects are a safe working environment for everyone involved, and expect the same from all our trades and subcontractors.