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General Contracting

This is the most traditional form of construction and is also known as a lump-sum tender process. The owner will have retained an Architect and other Consultants to design the project and produce drawings and specifications. Once the design is complete, the project is tendered out. Having the design completed in advance of this bidding process allows for greater cost certainty before construction begins.



Construction Management

In this approach we act in a collaborative fashion with our client to manage and administer the construction project for them. We partner with their Architect and Consultants throughout the process and manage the construction and all subcontractors. CPM particularly enjoys this format for the transparency and accountability it provides for the client.



Design Build

In this format, the owner retains CPM Construction with a budget and design concept in mind. With the owner’s vision and budget in mind, we’re then responsible for both the design and construction of the project. CPM would utilize Architects and Consultants to produce the project drawings and specifications and then oversee construction. In this case CPM Construction acts as the main contact for the client. It can most easily be thought of as a complete turn-key approach.